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INA Market Re-Development

Architect: Nakul Khanna Date: May 23, 2019 Site Location: INA Market and Surrounding Area Area: 5 Acres Introduction: Urban Development and growth are inevitable in a settlement. As the population grows and the settlement spreads, the need for larger spaces […]

Exhibition Curation: Strung Course

Curated by: Rahat Varma Curated for: CPKA + SSAA Role: Content Researcher and Curator Collaboration: Aruna Bhardwaj, Bhawna Dandona and Nidhi Dandona Date: April 15, 2019 The ideology: Strung Course was conceived around the mighty brick, the material’s warmth and […]

Design by Data

Architect: Suraj Arora Date: May 23, 2017 Site Location: Barcelona, Spain The project aimed at creating a public parliament whereby the users can interact with in many ways while having the comfortability of a resting place. Concept The interactive element […]

Pedicon Conference 2019

Designed by: Thiruvengadam RB Designed for: Pedicon Conference Role: Lighting Design Collaboration: TOD Innovations Concept: With a long and repetitive façade the challenge for lighting has always been consistency and flare. We made sure lighting is simple and can be […]

Klay Tile Showroom

Designed by: Thiruvengadam RB Designed for: KLAY Tiles Role: Lighting Design Collaboration: MoFA Studio Concept: A unique retail store, which challenges our notion on how we perceive a tile store. The fact that every cubic feet of store was designed […]

Decoding Design

Curated by: Rahat Varma Curated for: Urban Blip Role: Pedagogical Study and Author Collaboration: None (selected works of students) Date: February 06, 2019 The ideology: As a personal stand this document is put together as a teaching diary. In a […]

A+D September 2016

Curated by: Rahat Varma Curated for: A+D Role: Content Researcher and Author Collaboration: Manit Rastogi, Morphogenesis Date: September 01, 2016 The ideology: the article probes the issue of Sustainability, the term that is defined as the ability to endure in […]

A1 Residence

Architecture and Construction: Nakul Khanna for ARK Construction Completion Date: June 2019 Site Location: A1, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi Area: 3000 sq foot plot The residence is a complete redesign and reconstruction of what lay here before. The facade of […]

Verandah Housing

Architect: Saman Jain & Suraj Arora Date: May 23, 2017 Site Location: Gurugram, Haryana Area: 2.5 Acres The Project created a Mass Housing in Gurgaon in compliance with the building by-laws but also after that the concepts have been imbibed […]

International Star Assistance Private Limited (ISAPL Group)

ISAPL is an established organization which provides Air Medical Transportation Services

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