biomimetics: Mix use development

Designer : Swapnil Shinde

Winner : Commercial Design

Biomimetics: Mix use development
[ An environmental sensitive approach ]

Disruptive: unconventional, radical, pioneering, advanced, modern, futuristic.
This approach is intended to challenge the common belief that, due to their height, contemporary high buildings cannot be ventilated and lightened naturally and provides a break from typical hermetic glass boxes. Also, considering the global challenge of growing carbon footprint and its effects on the environment, the approach is set to minimize embodied energy to create an energy-efficient design.

This approach is an optimized amalgamation of the real-time global issues and functionalism in bio-mimicry.

To get natural ventilation all the time this project is inspired and developed on the principles of ant mound, and for the natural light throughout the day a unique light shelf is designed which is inspired and developed on the principles petal of the buttercup flower.
This approach is based on the same of the two built projects, case studies that are inspired by nature designed by architect Mick Pearce.

1. Council house 2, Zimbabwe ( commercial building )
2. East gate center, Zimbabwe ( mall )

The approach is also to design in such a way that the project can be executed in reality considering real-time rules and regulations, user demands and requirements, current scenario of the commercial and IT industry, Mental and physical health of the user.

Site: The proposed site is a commercial plot in Banner of Pune district (Maharashtra) according to the land-use plan. The site has Mumbai-Bangalore highway abutting it, giving it FSI of 3.15. The area has a good transit network and development is fast. This flat terrain site has roads on two sides giving it maximum visibility.

Location : Baner, Pune
Co-ordinates : 18.33’36″N 73.47’25″E
Climate : Semi-Arid (wet and dry)
Year : 2019

Area statement :
Total area of plot – 20962 sq m
Area under open space (10%) – 2096.2 sq m
Area under amenity space (15%) – 3144.3 sq m
Net area of plot – 15721.5 sq m
FSI – 3.15 {1.25(basic) + 0.5(premium) + 1.40(max TDR)}
FSI area – 49521.15 sq m

Targeted user: As the site on the highway and major amount of population travel on this route to access the commercial and IT hub of Pune, Hinjewadi. And Baner, on the other hand, is the fastest developing area of Pune right now so, the aim is to target all commercial and IT sector user to get their investment in Baner.

The approach and the design process are such that each processed factor is rationalized via qualitative and quantitative analysis. Considering the approach to the outcome each stage has its own USPs.

Parking: Parking structure is uplifted on the pile foundation leaving below ground as it is and having a multipurpose green roof on top.

Building Typology: Building typology covers commercial spaces as well as a business hotel on top making it unique typology in the locality.

Building structure: Building structure gives flexibility in design also catering to all other aspects. The project introduces the unique Diagrid structural system.
Building design: Its one of a kind building that can run completely on natural light and ventilation making it the most sustainable project also holds strong recall value through its form making it energy-efficient design.

Building facade: Its also one of a kind building facade that helps natural light to penetrate inside up to 10 M, thus reducing the energy load up to 83% than conventional buildings.
Building floor: Building floor is designed in such a way that each floor has outdoor and indoor space for multiple activities. Due to huge open to sky atrium in the middle and double-height cut-outs on floors, the internal spaces are always ventilated and lightened naturally.

When it comes to commercial projects, the viability of the project is covered through three main feasibility analysis to ensure the benefit exceeds the invested capital.

Technical feasibility:
The form gives the building high structural stability, added the Diagrid system at the base to eliminate shear forces also had a pile foundation. The working of natural ventilation via passive cooling strategies is already implemented in some projects showing low maintenance and high benefits.The parking is done by a chess parking system in steel structure which can be built as per requirement.The unique facade treatment and planning saves around 83% of power consumption daily.

Legal feasibility:
The project follows all rules and regulations prescribed by the local authority and DCR rules. The FSI and TDR calculations are conducted as per the guidelines and maximum limit.

Environmental and social sustainability:
The project follows all guidelines prescribed by the national environmental and planning standards. The planning is based on optimized zoning and volumetric analysis covers only 10% of the ground footprint. Due to its form and self-shading design, the building can completely run on natural light, and ventilation throughout the day means very low electricity demand, and no further carbon footprint is generated.

The outdoor spaces are provided on each level considering socio-cultural demand to conduct team-building exercises, to celebrate the Ganesh festival and other events too.

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