Eco Self Healing Park

Designer : Maria Anwar

Winner : Best Disruptive Design

My project basically is based on the concept of self-care and self-healing transition space between workplace and home. Something unique, when seen in the context of India. The working population works hard but they also need to rest easy.

People work in the office and the directly head home, for rest. But most of the employees have a long and often tiring commute from work to home. In such a scenario, what if there was an intermediate place between home and work? What if there was a closer resting space? A quick re-boost physically and mentally after work and before home? There are public parks, no doubt but they for a tired employee looking for peace and quiet, a noisy public park with kids is hardly the answer. A space, specifically built to cater their needs, sans noise and stress.

Eco self-healing park is all about giving our average employee the calm, stress free resting space between his home and work space. This idea is striking and innovative precisely because, it exceeds the definition of a traditional park, offering a tranquil experience that is close to home and yet so much more, being located in the embrace of nature.

The idea itself, on which this park has been conceptualised, is never seen before. Such a space, which actually meets the need of everyday working people and is also within proximity to their working place, specifically designed to cater their mental and physical needs is yet to be seen. But this will be the first park with a specific audience, approach and focus in mind. A space for the working population which has:

Self-healing zone : This zone actively focuses on de stressing mind and body through Anonymous clubs, Napping/Resting dens and Meditation space that allows any person to self-heal themselves according to what suits their needs best.
Passive self-healing zone: This zone has sleeping pods which helps one to passively destress and can boost up mental and physical being of a person. It will be open 24/7 so that people can use it at any hour of the day and it also gives a free trial to newcomer who can experience and relive the feeling of home amid working hours. Special consideration is given to its location and orientation on site, from where a person can experience the scenic view of Mithi River followed by huge green buffer from every window of any pod.

Sensory self-healing therapy zone: this is also of the finest feature that has .never been introduced in an urban fabric which includes colour therapy, sound therapy, aroma therapy and art therapy.

Everything about the park, from site to concept on which it is built, has been designed keeping in mind its commercial value and potential. The park is self-sustaining and generates self- revenue (generated through some money generating sectors of the park) when it comes to commercial viability.

In addition to that, there are a lot of attractive features which increase its commercial value. Its minimal value- meaning people only have to pay low price in exchange for a much needed and well maintained space to recharge themselves.

Currently a defunct site, not very visible to the public eye because of its location, it has great potential to be recreated into something that will benefit everyone, mentally and commercially.

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