Outsource Architectural Engineering Services

Star Studio Designs provides a full range of CAD services, including conversion, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, rendering, animation, 3D walkthroughs, retail space planning, presentation drawings, and BIM and millwork drawings. Our goal is to ensure each and every client receives the highest possible level of quality and service, at a rate well below what they would pay for in-house or domestic services.

With highly skilled staff members available, representing a range of expertise, we can provide exceptional service no matter the complexity or size of your project. Each member of our team is continuously trained to use state of the art technology including up-to-date workstations and software, all protected by top tier security systems.

Architectural Engineering Services from Star Studio Designs

Star Studio Designs offers engineering services designed to match a variety of needs based on the industry, product and development cycle that you need assistance with. These include:

2D and 3D Floor Plan Conversions

Our CAD works’ team offers architectural floor plans as part of its CAD drafting

3D Modelling, Rendering and Walk-through Animation

3D walkthroughs of architectural projects have amazing benefits in terms of recall.

2D Drafting

India CAD works offers architectural design and drafting services.

Revit Services

Whether you are an architect, engineer, builder, contractor, real estate.

2D and 3D Floor Plan Conversions

Our CAD works’ team offers architectural floor plans as part of its CAD drafting

2D and 3D Floor Plan Conversions

Our CAD works’ team offers architectural floor plans as part of its CAD drafting

Architectural Visualization Services

3D Rendering Services

At Star Studio Design we help top designers and real estate developers to illustrate.

Retail Space Planning Support

We are aware that as retail space planners, your workload is increasing.

Presentation Drawings

For professional architects, one of the most essential parts of marketing..

Architectural Drawings

SSD offers architectural design and drafting services, giving you peace of mind and high quality final product.

Building Information Modeling

Star Studio Designs’ team of Building Information Modeling (BIM) are specialists in their category of work.

Why You Should Act Now

As the world economy grows, you may need to expand your shop. Instead of taking on the added costs of expanding, perhaps you should look into offshore outsourcing your Architectural Engineering services. If you have been waiting to take the plunge into outsourcing, there is no better time than now and no better company for you to partner with than Star Studio Designs. Click on the “Contact Us” button below to get started. It’s simple and there’s no obligation.

We are a company committed to excellence in every aspect of the project. We work tirelessly to ensure that all drafts and designs are 99% accurate and that every person who works on your project has a minimum of 2-5 years of experience in the field. So, you can rest assured your people won’t be wasting time doing rework.

  • We adhere to strict international standards, so your favorite regulatory bodies won’t have any complaints.
  • We offer comprehensive data security and privacy for all projects to ensure your data is kept safe at all times.
  • We provide CAD design and conversion for commercial and residential buildings, parking garages, restaurants, high-rise buildings, industrial complexes and much more. You won’t have to waste time explaining your industry’s unique demands. We’ve been there.

International Star Assistance Private Limited (ISAPL Group)

ISAPL is an established organization which provides Air Medical Transportation Services

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