Himanshi Sharma

Junior Consultant

B. Arch, Aayojan School of Architecture
Architecture | Interiors | Photography

Himanshi has developed a process where in she understands how diverse her clients’ needs are, and thereon develops a design brief that is suitable for the project and the site. In The Collective, she has worked under the Thought Heads to develop design theories. She, over her internship at a reputed large-scale firm has been able to develop designs in a collaborative environment, for famed developers and has been able to be a part of multiple design presentations. She has garnered experience for tackling Design projects from Commercial, Retail, Plotting and Residential environments. 

Himanshi grew up in Jaipur, known for its rich cultural heritage and varied architecture. Her interest in designing, developing new concepts and exploring new worlds has led to her deep-rooted interest in architecture and interiors today. Himanshi enjoys exploring new design ideologies and is one of the dynamic forces leading the open-platform, The Collective.


“For me, Architecture is an Art on Steroids, larger in scale, technical and indulgent, it’s a Smart Art” – Himanshi Sharma

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