Kanupriya Deol

B. Plan ( Urban & Regional Planning)
M.Tech ( Infrastructure Planning), GRD School of Planning, Guru Nanak Dev
University, Amritsar
Urban Planning | Infrastructure | Policy & Governance

Kanupriya Deol works at the intersection of development of infrastructure and land. Currently,she serves as the Programme Director for B Plan (Urban & Regional).Her primary research focuses on the practice of urban planning with attention to inequality of access to the city, particularly through economic coercion. Kanupriya brings a commitment to planning as a collective renegotiation of the social contract, with a potential for the shaping of space and organization of everyday lives. She is intrigued by the fact that how do specialists and non-specialists engage with the transformations, continuities, and ruptures that come with the passage of time, notably the liminal or transitional phases ‘from’ some condition ‘to’ some other condition?

Awards and Publications:
Planning & Disaster Resilient Development: A Case Study of the Hilly Regions in Uttarakhand;International Journal on Emerging Technologies 8(1): 67-69(2017) ISSN No. (Print): 0975-8364 ISSN No. (Online): 2249-3255;

Presented paper entitling “Impact of Urbanization on environs of Amritsar City” UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Changing scenario ofHuman Settlements & Planning Education”organized byGNDU,Amritsar

Presented Gandhian Philosophy and Swach Bharat Mission at National Seminar on Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in Era of  GlobalizationOrganized by Hans RajMahila Vidyalaya,Jalandhar.

Research paper entitled Smart City: Solutions for Tomorrow ; Published in ITPI Haryana Newsletter,Volume:LXXXIV,No.13 Dec,2014.

Sustainable Renewable Energy Strategies for a City: Case Study of Shimla ;Sustainable and Smart Cities, ISBN No: 9789384869256.

Regional Planning in India ; Published in ITPI Haryana Newsletter,Volume:LXXXIV,No.13 Dec,2014.

Regional & Rural Planning Approaches in India : A Case Study of Haryana; Regional
Planning In India ; National Conference Organized by ORF and GIZ;

Nation building through regional planning

An approach to Water Management: Case Study of Jaipur City;Under Publishing Built Environment & Urban Flooding: A Case Study of Jaipur City ;Under Publishing

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