Designer : Anshul Kohli

Winner : Interior Design

My approach towards this project was to blend nature with our existing lifestyle, with a lot of urbanization and development we have forgotten how to interact with nature. With climate change , pandemic and living in confined walls of concrete has made us realize that we belong to nature and we cannot survive like this. These lock-down months has given us opportunity to think and bring back what we have lost, change the way we live and interact.

Thus my project is based on biophillic design in restaurants and how we bring nature inside and incorporate direct or indirect elements of nature into the built environment, sustainable and organic materials and elements will help us interact with nature even inside the four walls.

Idea of the restaurant revolves around creating a green space to lounge among fresh aroma and get some time off the screens. A space that promotes a better and healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally.

A place which becomes an oasis sorts in urban areas, acting as an escape from the hustle & bustle of city life, also a convenient opportunity to unplug. A garden-like ambiance and ample natural-lighting, using earthy materials.

The project has been developed keeping in mind the practicality and user interaction. The project aims on sustainability and reflection of nature which is easily approachable and is unique, also the need of an hour.

A biophillic design which helps us to interact with nature better, increase our productivity, helps bringing peace and kindness within ourselves and also enhances our lifestyle of living a stress-free life.

Highlight of the project is the ‘Super Trees’, sustainability and interaction with nature. Interacting with nature in it’s organic form and enjoying it’s beauty while eating ,sitting, reading and relaxing there.

A perfect place to unplug yourself from the social media and all your worries, just go with the environment open new conversations ,spread wellness and happiness.

Since this is an academic project. The restaurant was proposed as a Cafe-Lounge in Marine drive, Mumbai. 2020.

Target-ting the youth and and all those people who love nature and want to spend some quality time, eat good food, relax and chill.

A double height space, mezzanine floor with outdoor seating by the bay.

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